Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Funny Kid

When I picked Keegan up from school yesterday, his teacher told me that he really cracks her up. She said that when they were finishing up their Science chapter on the different states of matter, she asked all the kids to draw a picture of their favorite liquid. Most kids put down soda or juice or Kool-Aid, but Keegan drew a perfect picture of a bottle of WINE! She said that he spelled it perfectly and everything. When she asked him why wine was his favorite liquid, he said, " because it comes in such a pretty bottle!" I'm pretty sure she knows us well enough to believe him :)

Also, I guess Keegan has been thinking lately about how he can save up some money. He came up with a great idea the other day. The conversation went like this:

K: Mom, I think we should have a money sale today.
M: Okay, what exactly is a money sale?
K: It's when you get all your instruments and go outside on the street and play them.
M: Hmm, so what instrument are you going to play?
K: The guitar.
M: Oh, and what about Mommy and Daddy?
K: You guys are going to play the piano and the guitar. Oh yeah, and we have to have a hat.
M: Why do we have to have a hat?
K: Cause that's where all the people put the MONEY!!!

I have no idea where he came up with that idea - but he still thinks it's a good one. He's been after me to pin down a date for the "money sale" for the past week or so :)


Gooch Family said...

Wine huh?! What have you guys been drinkin lately?? :) That's funny!

Lora Gooch said...

So funny. Maybe he took a trip to NYC and had seen all the people playing for money.