Thursday, March 12, 2009


Karen, Kim and Kellye

It was my turn to host BUNKO this month and I decided on a HAWAIIAN theme. I made Hawaiin HAYSTACKS with peanut sauce and chicken to top it. I also made yummy SMOOTHIES, chocolate dipped BANANAS topped with coconut and toffee, a hawaiin inspired green leaf SALAD and coconut creme PIE and chocolate chip COOKIES for dessert.

To make it the best Bunko night ever, I rolled 5 BUNKOS, which is definitely an ALL TIME HIGH for me. STACEY also rolled 5, but since there were enough TARGET GIFT CARDS to go around, it was all GOOD. I loved hosting this month, but I'm definitely GLAD it's OVER! It's nice to not have to worry about HOSTING again until sometime NEXT YEAR. Thanks to all the Bunko GIRLS for making our monthly, STAY OUT LATE night so much FUN - I love you guys!

Nicole, Lori and Tristan

Marybeth, Raesha and Monique

Chocolate dipped bananas rolled in toffee and coconut

Thanks Marie Callendar - you make a mean coconut creme pie!

Toppings for the haystacks

Sarah and me cleaning up after the fun!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cinnamon Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes!

Since I got a griddle several months ago, it's become kind of a family tradition to make pancakes every Saturday or Sunday morning. Keegan loves to help me mix up the pancakes and he's even getting the hang of flipping them, (although I have to make sure there's plenty of room on the griddle, because where they land is anyone's guess!). Doug sets the table and warms up the syrup while we make the pancakes and then we all sit down for a delicious, calorie laden feast!

I have to say that I've come up with the best pancakes ever! First you spread peanut butter on them, then you add slices of banana. On top of that, you sprinkle a touch of cinnamon, then you add the syrup and for the final touch, a bit of whipped cream. Doug turned his nose up at them at first, stating that he like to keep things simple. But then he tried them and their deliciousness won him over!