Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our First Ever Family Photos!

Most of you know that Doug and I DON'T really love to POSE for pictures and that we've NEVER had our pictures taken together as a FAMILY. I know it's hard to believe, but we just DON'T GET VERY EXCITED about posing for pics. Anyway, my friend MONIQUE is a photographer and I've been telling her for a COUPLE OF YEARS that we were going to do a session with her. Well, it FINALLY happened this morning and it was really FUN! Keegan was totally ready with his CHEESY GRIN and stuck his TONGUE out for most of the pics. I can't believe she even got any with him looking a LITTLE BIT NORMAL! Here are a couple of the shots from this morning. THANKS Monique! Hopefully now it won't be ANOTHER 5 YEARS before we do it again :)

Happy Valentine's Day

We made and decorated some Valentine's cookies for some of the kids in our neighborhood. I definitely got the wrong kind of icing for the little kids to use and most of the cookies that Keegan and Riley decorated just looked like they had a pile of pink or red poop in the middle of them! But they had fun anyway. After they were done, we drove around and Keegan delivered them. He's such a big boy now - he got out of the car and went up to the doors all by himself. Hope everyone has someone to love and someone that loves them right back this Valentine's Day! I sure am grateful for my two guys - what a lucky girl I am :)