Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go UTES!!!

decked out for the game

showing our Ute spirit in church on Sunday

I'm sure everyone already knows how much we love the Utes, so of course we were looking forward to the Sugar Bowl - although I have to admit that I wasn't really hopeful of being able to pull off an upset against Alabama. We got all geared up for the game and just couldn't believe that we scored in all of our first three possessions! Doug and I were ecstatic! We kept scaring Keegan with our loud screaming and jumping up and down. Eventually Keegan got into it, too. What a victory!!!! That's got to be the best season in Utah football history and then to win against a team like Alabama - we're still on cloud nine :)


PamJorg said...

You crazy kids!

The Bushman Family said...

I can't even comment on this, and the utes always talk about the Y bringing the church into it. Ha!Ha! The funniest thing a friend in New Orleans was at church on the Sunday before the game and a few ute players came to church and in the closing prayer the person saying it blessed the boys in blue from BYU. Too funny only in Louisiana!!

Hillary said...

You know we are true BYU fans, but we did watch and even cheer for the UTES. Go Utes!