Monday, July 14, 2008

the 4th

Keegan loves his Papa!

On the road with Riley& Oliver

Visiting with Mema & Wiley

Happy 4th!

Tiare & me
Keegan and Triston had so much fun together!

We drove up to Utah with the Drakes the week of the 4th. Doug and his little brother, Quinn, went hiking and camping with Travis, Jeff and their brothers. Keegan and I got to visit with Quinn's wife, Dani, and their son, Triston. We also saw my dad and grandparents and visited with one of my lifelong friends, Tiare Ita and her family. It was a pretty short trip, but we had a lot of fun catching up with everyone!

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Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

Those pictures are so cute. I love Keegan's smile in the pic of him and Triston! So cute. It was great to see you guys. I am sending you some more pictures of the boys camp out. They look pretty miserable...ha!