Sunday, April 6, 2008

Keegan's Name!

Keegan wrote his name for the first time today and we're all pretty excited about it! Now we just have to tackle the lower-case letters! :)


Sarah Goolsby said...

Hi Mieke!

Congratulations to Keegan! Writing his has he ever grown since I saw him last! Can't wait to catch up with you...I have an old email address of yours so I'm not sure if you get any of my emails anymore. Are you still in Albuquerque? We are moving to Colorado Springs in May, so we'll be back west again soon! We have an eight-month old daughter named Ella. She is lots of fun at this stage where she is getting into everything! Miss you lots!

Sarah Goolsby said...

Oh and my new address is

Mieke said...

It's so good to hear from you. I got the pics of Ella that you sent out a month or so ago - is she her father's daughter or what? :) She's totally adorable and I'm sure she's keeping you pretty busy! It's great that you're moving back west again - we'll have to do another "girls only" tri. Actually, there's one next year in Rocky Point, Mexico on Cinco de Mayo. Maybe we'll do it then :) Take care and keep in touch!