Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! Gary and Sharee drove from Tucson to visit us this weekend. We watched Keegan's soccer game (he scored a goal for the other team!) Saturday morning and went to Old Town for some shopping that afternoon. Today was spent at church in our Sunday best and then preparing a feast for Easter dinner - none of us will be hungry for a while! We also went hiking up in the Cibola mountains this evening. The weather was beautiful and we're hoping that spring has finally come.

Keegan with Grandma & Grandpa


maline said...

Love your blog! Keegan is so handsome! But, did you really have to post that picture with me in my swimsuit! Not so good! Everyone else is fully dressed but not me!:)
Hope to see you guys soon. We are planning on coming to moms in April so hopefully you are too...:)

Quinn & Dani Gooch said...

Mieke!!! I love your blog! Ok, first of all I love Maline's comment about her being the only one in a swim suit...ha! She looks great in the pic! Keegan is so big, I can't get over it! And he is Doug's twin. I thinks he looks so dang cute in that green vest for Easter. Wish we were going to Mexico in April with everyone! Hopefully we will get to see you guys this summer, but I love that you have a blog so we can stay in touch better. Sorry this is the longest post ever. You guys look great! Talk to you soon.

Mieke said...

You guys better be coming out to Rocky Point in August! We are excited to see you and the handsome little guy (no, I don't mean you, Quinn);) I saw your post about the half marathon. Congrats - you rock!